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Before completing your submission, please consider a few guidelines for story content:

  • Stories should focus on what is taking place today in public education. The campaign does not rely heavily on alumni examples.
  • Sharing national award winners is fine, but be sure there is a back story. Simply telling us about an award winner is not enough. Tell us how the school helped foster that achievement or obstacles that had to be overcome.
  • Stories should not be about new hires or promotions.
  • Stories should be informational and not self-promotional or use advertising language.
  • We love videos, but we need a written story to post to the website. If you have a great video demonstrating success, include a description of it. It is best to send us a link to the video.
  • The website is not used to announce upcoming events or activities. If you have an event that speaks to success, tell us about it after the fact and send us photos.
  • Don’t forget the small examples, such as a unique curriculum or teaching style or an individual student who has accomplished a great achievement with the help of the school.

  • Not too long. Enough detail so we know what your story is about, but enticing enough to make a reader want more.
  • Give detail, but be concise. Read other examples on the website to see what works best on the web. We’re looking for stories about today's public schools that illustrate how students are learning and excelling.
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