Yough girls Robolab STEAMS ahead

Yough School District  |  Posted on

The YWCA and Yough School District have teamed together to empower and educate girls in robotics for well over a decade now. The overarching goal of the YWCA’s TechGYRLS program is to inspire girls to explore the STEAM fields, such as computer science, engineering and physics. The goal is to address the gender gap in STEM fields by providing a supportive and encouraging environment for girls to explore their interests in technology.

Yough recently held a Robolab Camp which included 10 middle school girls from 6th-8th grades and was led by 8th grade science teacher Kim Mance. They learned skills from building and programming robots to collaborating on team projects. The girls honed their technical skills while also developing critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. A second Robolab Camp is tentatively scheduled for sometime in February of 2024.