Virtual Mission READasaurus Space Program

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Zoom Title I Picnic Meeting & Virtual Mission READasaurus Space Program

Title I families in the Muncy School District recently enjoyed a picnic dinner with visitors from outer space! On October 22, Mr. Mark Daniel, magical storyteller, presented Mission READasaurus Space for students and families in the Ward L. Myers Elementary School Title I program. The event was held virtually. Mr. Daniel and his puppet Steggie shared books about space, talked to the group about meteors and meteorites, and showed dinosaur fossils. He even provided each Title I student with a special gift to open at the end of the program – his or her own unique visitor from outer space. Each student received a chunk of the Campo de Cielo meteorite that fell over 4000 years ago, and was discovered in 1576. Picnic meals prepared by the school cafeteria were sent home at dismissal. Each family received an at-home learning kit with supplies to enhance remote learning, as well as detailed information about the school’s Title I program. It was an entertaining and educational evening for all.