The Discovery Character Development Program

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High school students create and present a Discovery lesson to elementary students.

Discovery will celebrate 25 years since it started at Halifax Area Middle School. This transformative comprehensive program has grown to cover grades K-12. Halifax Area School District is dedicated to providing students with a quality education that includes a program for character development. As a school community, it is committed to providing students with a positive school environment and a supportive school culture. The district expects each student to take responsibility to do his or her best as well as have the courage to hold others accountable to do their best. To implement these activities at the secondary level, the entire student body is organized into multi-grade Discovery Groups consisting of approximately four students from each grade level. The multi-grade level setting promotes a larger sense of community in school and creates Discovery Families. All secondary students participate in activities such as seminars, intramural/cooperative games, school/community service, and performing arts. Key words and principles include Destiny, Humility, Conscience, Truth, Brother’s Keeper, Respect, Concern, Courage, Curiosity, Leadership, Integrity, and Responsibility.