Penn-Trafford students ask, ‘You Good?’

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Senior Maddie Suman

The Active Minds club at Penn-Trafford (PT) High School rang in the new year by sending all students and staff a video message to assure them that in challenging times, they are never alone.

Remote learning, health concerns and the many other pandemic-related issues have created unprecedented stress. In response, Active Minds decided to launch a campaign called “You Good?” The campaign features a video of PT High School students and staff sharing their reflections on 2020 and reminding viewers that everyone is in this together. The group recruited 2020 graduate and Active Minds member Ryan Mickey for production assistance.

Active Minds at Penn Trafford is dedicated to changing the stigma around mental health and creating a culture in which mental health is talked about openly and comfortably, so that students can confidently seek the care they need when they need it. Active Minds at PT gives young adults the tools and resources needed to have those conversations.

“A video seemed to be the best way to quickly and effectively reach everyone,” said student spokesperson Maddie Suman. “It also allowed us to maintain social distancing while capturing the true essence of each individual’s story. ‘You Good?’ allows anyone to quickly check in on someone in a simplistic, casual way.”

“We all have issues that we are dealing with,” said Mr. Jim Rocco, faculty advisor for Active Minds. “Those issues could be health, relationship, finance or academic-driven. But we all have them. Active Minds is structured to provide tools for students to help their peers, refer them for help (if needed) and just make sure they understand, ‘It’s ok to not be ok’. And we start that process by simply asking the question, ‘You Good?’.”

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