Tech ed students win big in pursuit of roadway safety

Northern Bedford County School District  |  Posted on

The NBC Technology Education Student Team

Congratulations to the Northern Bedford County (NBC) student team and Mr. Craig Curfman on being selected as a state winner for the 12th year of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow!

The NBCHS Engineering by Design class has participated in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge for the past four years and was the state winner for Pennsylvania two years ago with the School Bus Stop alert system. NBC received a $20,000 prize package from Samsung at that time.

After brainstorming and researching this year and concluding that icy bridges are a major factor in vehicle crashes and people become “accustomed” or “numb” to the “bridge freezes before road surface” signs, NBC students have decided to provide a solution for this major safety concern. Students have designed a solar-powered digital thermometer embedded just below the bridge surface that interfaces with a transmitter to send a signal to a sign with a flashing light to alert the motorists the bridge is at or below freezing temperature. A digital display shows the actual bridge temperature. The signa is transmitted to signs placed to allow the motorist to safely slow down prior to the bridge.

NBC students have worked to identify this concern and to design and program the equipment needed to provide the safety solution. The school is proud of their ingenuity and contributions to the well being of the community.