Basketball team shows staff appreciation

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Springdale Jr-Sr High School’s Boys’ Basketball Team honored staff members at a recent game to show their appreciation.

Springdale Jr.-Sr. High School Boys’ Basketball Team started a new program in February. Student-athletes were asked to pick an Allegheny Valley School District staff member who they wanted to recognize. It could be someone they look up to, someone who inspires them, someone who makes them laugh every day or their favorite person in the school. The team recognized these individuals before the varsity game.

Initially, the players were apprehensive; they hadn’t been a part of something like this before. They were even weary the day of the game. But, it all came together when they walked down the court with the staff member they chose.

“I think it was a great experience from my perspective,” commented Coach Kobe Phillipi. “I think the players, staff members, and community were able to feel a sense of togetherness. The benefits of the night were to show how important some of these staff members are to not only the basketball players but the whole school. I can imagine that sometimes when they’re extremely busy in their day-to-day duties, it can be hard to take a step back and see all the tremendous work they are doing. Hopefully, they were able to see that on Staff Appreciation Night.” The team hopes to make this program the newest tradition at Allegheny Valley.