Students visit Flight 93 Memorial

Meyersdale Area School District  |  Posted on

Fourth Grade MAES students visited the Flight 93 National Memorial in November as part of their classroom lesson on the events of September 11, 2001.

Fourth grade Meyersdale Area Elementary students had a special opportunity, in November, to experience history and learn how western Pennsylvania became known nationwide following the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Students traveled to the Flight 93 National Memorial to learn more about that fateful day and the men and women who were aboard the plane that crashed into “a common field one day. A field of honor forever.”

In the weeks leading up to their visit, made possible through a Wind Power Grant, fourth graders learned about the events that occurred on September 11th and the bravery and patriotism demonstrated by the crew and passengers of Flight 93.

Students attended a Flight 93 National Memorial distance-learning program, which included a guided tour of the grounds and Visitors Center. Their tour also included a stop at the Tower of Voices, a 95-foot tall musical instrument of 40 chimes representing the voices of the 40 courageous passengers and crew members who came together to fight terrorism.

“These kinds of life experiences are of the utmost importance and simply would not be able to be taught in a classroom setting. Our students now have an understanding of the events that happened that day and the impacts that they had on our great nation and nearby communities,” explained Kim Berkley, fourth grade teacher. “Students gained knowledge far greater than the information able to be learned in a classroom setting.”

Berkley said the students were able to gain a greater understanding of what the passengers and crew endured through recordings, exhibits and videos, as well as information shared by the tour guide about local witness accounts of the actual event as well as the days, weeks and months following the event.

“We are extremely grateful for this opportunity for both our students and ourselves. The knowledge that our students gained from this experience is invaluable. Students now have a better understanding of the selfless acts of the passengers of Flight 93 and how those actions saved the lives of others. The world will never know the number of innocent people that were spared that day due to their acts of courage,” Berkley explained. “Most importantly, our students understand that although that day was tragic, many positive things happened because of it. Our nation came together, our security grew stronger, and the goodwill of humanity was witnessed from heroes locally, nationally and worldwide. May we never forget.”