Students create flower arrangements and cards for board directors

Hatboro-Horsham School District  |  Posted on

The Pennsylvania School Board Association has designated January as School Board Recognition Month- a time to celebrate School Board Members and their hard work and dedication to both schools and students. On January 21st, 2020, Hatboro-Horsham School District School Board members attended a board meeting in which they were recognized by students for their commitment and efforts towards public education by receiving flower arrangements and cards created by students.

Jill Moynahan, Occupational Therapist at Hatboro-Horsham School District, guided her autistic support students in creating flower arrangements for the board members. Step by step, each student created colorful and detailed arrangements to express their appreciation for all of the time and effort put forth by board members. Moynahan feels it is necessary to recognize school board members because they “impact the student’s future in a big way and this is a little something to make them feel appreciated.” She also mentioned that school board members support flexible thinking which is essential to helping her students discover how they will impact the world.

Art teacher, Leah Ellert’s students were eager to begin working on creating cards to show their gratitude, as well. Ellert wanted her students to understand the important work school board members do—something they do not always get the chance to witness first-hand on a daily basis. Her students created cards as a way to show how much they appreciate how their art program is supported. Ellert mentioned that her students were interested in learning more about the impact board members have on students and their school. Learning more about the direct and inspiring impact board members have on students was what inspired them to work on this project, which gave the project a deeper meaning.