Kelly Primary students learn importance of clean waterways

Wilkinsburg School District  |  Posted on

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Meszaros’ room at Kelly Primary learned how to identify living and non-living components of an aquatic habitat during a special visit with Alcosan Scholastic Services Representative Jeffrey Houser. The Wilkinsburg School District students learned what kinds of animals live in rivers, creeks and streams, and what they need to survive.

Students were introduced to salamanders, and how they are used to indicate whether water supplies are clean and of good quality. Salamanders can get sick from even a little bit of pollution in their aquatic habitats, making them what scientists call an indicator species. Students also learned how Alcosan tests the water to ensure its safety before it is put into the river to ensure it is safe for all living creatures who depends on our waterways.

As part of the visit, students read a story about salamanders, “tested” water for salamander safety and made their own salamander to take home to help them remember the lesson. Learn more about the experience on the district’s website.