Students enjoy a ‘Blind Date with a Book’

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

Thomas Jefferson High School students in Mrs. Breisinger’s English class recently participated in a “Blind Date with a Book” activity to encourage independent reading for pleasure based upon student interest. Breisinger gathered a wide selection of young adult literature, creatively wrapped the novels in brown paper, and then added teasers or hints of what the readers may find between the pages to spark their interest and curiosity. Teasers included quotations from the book, tags citing subject matter, author diversity and inclusion, and any specific content warnings if applicable. After students chose their book/date, they unwrapped it and discussed their first impressions. Then after spending 20 minutes on the date (reading), they rated their date. If it went well, they will use the book for their next reading unit. If the date did not turn out well, Breisinger will “fix them up” with a different book. This fun and engaging reading activity not only provides students with culturally relevant literature, but also and gives them a choice in their next reading selection based upon their own individual interests.