Ridley High School hosts successful Financial Reality Fair

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Ridley High School student Alyssa Dang

Ridley High School, in partnership with Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, proudly hosted a Financial Reality Fair. The event, held at Ridley High School, provided students with a hands-on experience aimed at enhancing their financial literacy and preparing them for the financial challenges of adulthood.

The Financial Reality Fair welcomed eleventh grade students to participate in interactive simulations and real-world scenarios designed to simulate the complexities of personal finance. Students assumed fictional personas with corresponding careers, incomes and family situations, and navigated through fifteen different stations representing common expenses such as housing, transportation, utilities, groceries and healthcare. Throughout the fair, students made decisions about budgeting, saving and spending, gaining valuable insights into the importance of financial planning and responsibility.

Volunteers from local financial institutions provided guidance and support, offering practical advice and sharing their expertise to help students make informed choices.

“The Financial Reality Fair gives the students a brief look into their financial future. Not only do they see the costs of various every day needs and wants, they are asked to make important decisions based on what they value most. Our FMFCU team loves having the opportunity to connect with the students and to help them understand the value of money management,” said Youth Financial Education Manager at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, Patricia McAllister. “For those of us who are parents, we also enjoy hearing them express how much more they appreciate their own parents once they have tried to balance a budget.”

The Financial Reality Fair received positive feedback from students, educators and volunteers alike. Participants praised the event for its relevance and effectiveness in promoting financial literacy and empowerment among students. The success of the fair underscores Ridley High School’s dedication to providing comprehensive education that prepares students for the challenges of adulthood.

Zakariya Boujida, student at Ridley High School, said, “I didn’t think budgeting and paying for kids was this hard … but this taught me a lot and I will definitely be using this for the future.”

Ridley High School extends its appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the Financial Reality Fair. Their support and commitment to financial education have made a lasting impact on the students of Ridley High School.