Read aloud project highlights benefits of reading

Meyersdale Area School District  |  Posted on

Seventh grade students at Meyersdale Middle School are inspiring a new group of readers through a special project for their English class.

The many benefits of reading aloud are undeniable: better fluency, comprehension and understanding, to name just a few. Those benefits are the focus of a new project for students in Mrs. Megan Edwards’ 7th grade English class.

“This quarter, my 7th grade students are reading holiday-themed works of fiction in partners to various grade levels, kindergarten through fifth grade. Students were graded based on their fluency, emotion and preparation of the text,” Edwards explained. “Most importantly, though, I want to see my middle school kids be role models for their younger peers by encouraging them to read!”

Edwards said she partnered with Stacy Kucenic, media specialist, to present this special project to foster a love of reading to students at all grade levels.

“The reading buddy system is a win-win situation, promoting literacy, social skills, and a positive attitude toward learning in both older and younger students,” Kucenic explained. “The opportunity allows young readers to see what being fluent looks like and the older readers develop patience and empathy as they work with younger students.”

Edwards said the project proved to be as much fun as it was educational, and she plans to implement it again in future classes.

“I hope that seeing our middle school students interact with and have fun with assorted stories will inspire our elementary students to dive into reading as well,” Edwards concluded.