Read Across America at Oley Valley

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On Wednesday, March 2, students enrolled in Public Speaking celebrated Read Across America Day by visiting children in kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms to share their love of reading. Warmly welcomed by effervescent elementary school teachers, the high school students selected their favorite children’s books to present to the youngsters. The students worked in pairs and each group circulated to several classrooms throughout the visit. High school students were sentimental as they not only reacquainted themselves with their chosen books that had not been viewed in years but also met with their own elementary school teachers.

Reading books to various classes of inquisitive young learners and answering questions afforded the juniors and seniors the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills including voice projection, tone, and gesturing. They discovered through first-hand experience the significance of analyzing and adjusting their presentation style for their audience members. Junior Izzy Kemp commented, “I loved seeing the little ones and became nostalgic when I visited the classrooms. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to read to younger generations and to be a role model for them. Hopefully, we helped inspire them to read and to expand their imaginations.”

Kaziah Cullen, a senior, remarked, “As someone who wants to become an elementary school teacher in the future, this experience was really exhilarating. I loved seeing the excited faces on all of the kids and being able to reconnect with my previous teachers. This experience definitely secured in my mind that this is what I want to pursue in my future.” Thank you to the administrators, teachers, and students who worked together to make this a successful adventure for everyone involved!