Morning news broadcast is a hit at Palmerton

Palmerton Area School District  |  Posted on

Devlin Moyzan and Hunter Sell work behind the scenes to produce the morning announcements show.

The Palmerton Area School District’s Junior High (JH) School newsroom is up-and-running, with a few dedicated students leading the way. With the help and teamwork of the district’s technology network engineer (Mr. Rob Moyzan) and two teachers (Mr. Brian Stevko and Mrs. Kathryn Zurn), the morning announcements are now streamed to each classroom in the school every morning. Two seventh grade students, Hunter Sell and Devlin Moyzan, control the production end of the news broadcast, while eighth grade students rotate reading the announcements from the news desk each week.

Mr. Moyzan said, “Although I assist with the creation of the graphics and backgrounds, the students do an amazing job producing the show. They are really excited for this opportunity.”

Mrs. Zurn said, “We are excited to have the TV studio and newsroom working on a regular basis, and we hope to eventually grow the team of students and expand the news show with writing and production teams.”

In addition to the JH morning announcements, the Palmerton Area Senior High School also created a morning broadcast in the District’s TV studio. Following the same format, the announcements are shared each day at the Senior High as well.

Please click on this link to view a sample broadcast.