Penn Cambria introduces Personal Finance class

Penn Cambria School District  |  Posted on

Penn Cambria High School introduced a Personal Finance class for the 2019-20 school year. This class focuses specifically on authentic skills such as checking and savings accounts, borrowing and paying back credit, investments, financial pitfalls and other forms of financial concerns. Mrs. Stephanie Rossman, who taught the class this year noted, “I feel that this class has really filled a curricular gap. I know that our students are much more prepared to take on their financial life after high school.”

The juniors and seniors enrolled in this class have shown more enthusiasm and curiosity than we ever expected. “I think that Personal Finance was a great class because it prepared me for some economic aspects of the world that I did not know existed,” stated senior Grant Bossler.

Students have an authentic interest in discussing managing their money, concerns about college loans, crowd funding, electronic investments and even retirement. The school has been able to teach basic financial knowledge to those who have not considered their own financial goals, while expanding and encouraging good financial habits for those who are already dabbling in investment and savings plans. Senior Emily Riggleman said, “I learned so much information that I didn’t know. I feel much more prepared to go out into the financial world.”