First in Math supports ALL Upper Dublin mathematicians

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Robert Sun (founder of First in Math) poses with Upper Dublin teachers following professional development

Each year Upper Dublin School District (UD) sees students’ mathematical thinking expand as they think critically to solve problems. As students learn and grow in the area of mathematics, it is also critically important for them to develop accuracy and speed with math facts.

The district has been using First in Math to help students develop their accuracy and speed with math facts. In fact, First in Math has become a hallmark of our mathematics instruction. Used as a tool for both intervention and enrichment, UD teachers have been diligent in promoting student use of First in Math, and the results are amazing. Fort Washington, Maple Glen and Thomas Fitzwater elementary schools have all ranked in the Top 100 Schools in the nation! Our students in grades K-2 have solved 4,886,835 problems accurately while our students in grades 3-5 have solved 9,943,989 problems accurately!