Oley Valley showcases ‘What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?’

Oley Valley School District  |  Posted on

As part of the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” video contest, the Video Club at Oley Valley Middle School (OVMS) was awarded the “Outstanding Career Pathway” trophy. “Outstanding Career Pathway” is a category in which a video demonstrates: background, experience, education and direction, leading to a career in manufacturing. Students in the club include: Janna Tellez-Mendez, Cheyenne Walsh, Alessandra Saponaro, Emma Liskey, Lindsay Jones and Cathryn Fegely.

WSCM is an annual contest, offered to middle schools across Pennsylvania, to create a two-minute video explaining “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?”. The contest is an effort between the intermediate unit and the Manufacturer’s Resource Center. Schools are paired with local manufacturers and are guided through the video-making process to record, edit, produce and market their video. The contest has 10 categories, such as Best in Editing and Most Educational. In all, only 11 trophies are awarded.

This year, OVMS was partnered with The American Crane and Equipment Company of Douglassville. With their help and outstanding support, the middle school was successful in winning this year. Special thanks also goes to the Oley Valley Education Foundation for their continuous support.