Annual cleanup teaches environmental responsibility

North Star School District  |  Posted on

Second grade students in Mrs. Wright’s class climbed the bleachers at the Cougar football stadium to find litter and trash to clean up in honor of Earth Day.

On Monday, April 11, North Star’s second grade Little Cougars participated in a litter cleanup and worked together to make their Cougar Den beautiful in honor of Earth Day. A total of 68 students, along with their teachers: Miss Putman, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Zimmerman, Miss Eutin and Mrs. Fausey walked throughout Boswell area cleaning up litter as part of a yearly tradition for second graders at North Star.

Students and teachers traveled around town to various locations to participate in the annual Earth Day clean up event. Working together they cleaned up litter and trash around the North Star Youth Outreach building, the North Star football stadium, a local cemetery and several local businesses. Students were able to see first hand how little acts of kindness can make a BIG difference.