Moonshot Grant provides an opportunity for innovative learning

California Area School District  |  Posted on

California Area School District is the recipient of a Remake Learning Moonshot Grant, which give educators the opportunity to test new ideas in education. The district’s project, “Redefining the Path, Place, and Pace for Learning,” will create a cohort of 30 students to pilot a new way of learning in the 2021-22 school year. Each student in the cohort will have an individualized educational program (IEP), rather than reserving IEPs for students with exceptionalities or disabilities. The district will document engagement, progress and success for each of these students. Drawing on Montessori curriculum and global instructional sources, the district will set personalized goals for each learner, foster a team approach to students’ education, and ultimately, help each learner discover and define his or her best way to learn. The district is one of seven to be awarded a Moonshot Grants in the southwestern Pennsylvania and north-central West Virginia region this year, out of 90 applications.