Carbondale receives National Guard designation

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The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) has announced that Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School is one of 31 schools in the state to be designated as a PNGAS Guard Friendly High School. The designation and standards were developed by the PNGAS Education Advisory Council to amplify high school best practices for recruiting, information-sharing and group-formation in high schools for their support of the Pennsylvania National Guard. The PNGAS Education Action Council, which includes volunteers from some of the state’s leading colleges and universities, voluntarily review applications, guidelines, best practices and improvement criteria.

As state and national emergencies and global warfare become increasingly sophisticated, technology-driven, and complex; having a well-trained, and educated Guard force is more strategic and valuable than ever. “We are very confident the designation, PNGAS Guard-Friendly High School, will produce immediate and long-term benefits and synergies for students, faculty, alumni, Guard-members, veterans, their spouses, families, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and its economy,” added Kathleen Fabrizi, executive director, PNGAS and Pennsylvania National Guard Foundation. “We’re grateful so many high schools are responding to the best practices we are amplifying.”

“Carbondale Area is very proud to have received this designation and all of the benefits that come with it for our students,” noted Mr. Joseph Farrell, Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High School principal.