Math competition boosts skills and fun

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The annual Math 24 tournament was held on May 27 for the Meyersdale Middle School. Top Math 24 winners in the Meyersdale Middle School included Taylor Pritts, Addison Ohler and Kylee Haer.

Competition was fierce for the 2022 Meyersdale Middle School Math 24 tournament held May 27. This annual event was organized by middle school math teachers, Mrs. Diane Caton and Mr. Craig Tresnicky.

Math 24 is a learning game that teaches students the relationship between numbers. Students are presented with cards with four single-digit numbers. Students must add, subtract, multiply and/or divide to reach the answer and explain the process they used to reach “24.” Grade level winners received a special prize and certificate for their efforts.

Mrs. Diane Caton has been working with the Math 24 program for eight years and said this is one of her favorite events. “Students have many different areas in which they excel. Math 24 allows students to compete academically with math. I love watching the students compete and am always amazed at how fast they can solve the Math 24 cards,” she explained. “It is wonderful to see them enjoying solving math problems and having fun with math.

Tresnicky said this competition was the culmination of months of preparation for many students. “Some students attend my PLT (Personal Learning Time) every other week to play Math 24, so it was nice to see some of them rise to the top four in their grade level with all their practice,” he explained. “The final round in some grade levels was very competitive and we were thankful to all the students who participated and had fun doing it.”

Following bouts of fierce competition, the following students were honored as their grade level champions: Kylee Haer, eighth grade; Addison Ohler, seventh grade; and Taylor Pritts, sixth grade. Haer is a returning champ, she was a grade level winner last year as a seventh grade student.