A celebration of the arts at Oley Valley

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On May 19, students enrolled in Mrs. Kallis’s English II CP and Public Speaking classes hosted “OVHS Celebration of the Arts” in the high school courtyard. During this gathering, amazingly talented teenagers showcased their poetic, musical and artistic skills.

Thirteen contestants competed in a poetry slam contest. Each presented an original poem that was judged by a panel of teachers: Mr. Kriebel, Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Mast, Mr. Mills, Mr. Snyder and Mrs. Zieber. In a highly engaging and close competition, Bode Brewer placed first, Kaylee DeLong placed second and Jessica Howard placed third.

The three finalists in Oley Valley High School’s Poetry Out Loud 2021-2022 Contest – Cheyenne Endy, Charlotte Fisher, and Corbin Teeters – also contributed to the festival by reciting memorized poems they selected.

A TED Talk delivered by Allison Hassler and a multitude of pieces performed by a large number of musicians were also included in the program. Along with several tables filled with students’ impressive artwork, audience members were entertained by 25 presentations throughout the afternoon.

Numerous students worked diligently to decorate the courtyard, provide food and drinks for all, and showcase incredible talent. All who participated enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to witness the creativity and exceptional abilities of the remarkable OVHS students!