Life Skills Technology Class creates Somerset County Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards

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Back Row – Dylan Coho, Jacob Collier Front Row – Savana Bittner, Jonathan Walden Absent – Rachael Polak

Five students from Mr. Joe Kush’s Life Skills Technology Class – Dylan Coho, Jacob Collier, Jonathan Walden, Savana Bittner and Rachael Polak – crafted stunning plaques for the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards. Each plaque stands as a proud testament to the dedication and creativity of these remarkable students. It’s incredible to see how the hard work and talent of these students brought the awards to life. Somerset is fortunate to have such dedicated and innovative young minds shaping its future.

This is the third year that students in the Functional Life Skills have been commissioned to make award plaques for the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce Award Gala. This year, the students manufactured nine awards. All of the students use the woodworking equipment to make the plaques. Students use the radial arm saw, jointer, table saw, planer, table router and random orbit sanders to make the plaques from rough-cut poplar lumber. Some of the students can operate the equipment independently, and the other students can do it with hand-over-hand guidance.

In addition to woodworking projects, students in the class maintain a drink and a snack vending machine. Students are responsible for stocking the machine, counting money from the machines and making orders with help. Teamwork and leadership skills are developed through this project. Most of the students can perform their jobs with limited oversight.

Another job that the group does is to maintain the paper recycling bins throughout the building. Periodically, students remove the recycled paper from the bins and put the paper into feed sacks. The feed sacks are then taken to the back room of the high school library for storage. Once enough sacks of recycled paper accumulate, the Somerset County Workshop Shred Express picks up the paper and takes it to their venue for processing.

In between these responsibilities, students work on building the Christmas display project in October and November, and other community or school-based projects. Students also help with the process of updating the roster board names with vinyl lettering for the high school gymnasium boys and girls volleyball and basketball teams.

In another partnership with the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce, the class will refurbish wooden advertising signs and holders. Students will sand, paint and create new vinyl lettering for the signs.

Mrs. Berkebile, Rockwood High School Life Skills teacher, along with Mrs. Saylor and Mrs. Snyder, Rockwood paraprofessionals, are key elements to the success of the students learning, doing, and growing. The Rockwood Area School District is proud of the work of Mr. Kush, Ms. Berkebile, and the students within our Functional Life Skills class. The supportive environment of the FLS Technology classroom, in combination with dedicated teachers and students who take pride in their work, has produced a great educational experience for all.