Elementary engineers

Seneca Valley School District  |  Posted on

Second grade students at Haine Elementary School participated in a biomedical engineering challenge, where they created prototypes to assist in the rehabilitation of an injured animal. The students researched, designed and shared their idea with visiting engineers from Mine Safety Appliance (MSA).

The MSA engineers gave each group of students feedback of how to improve their designs, and the students implemented the improvements into their prototypes. Aimee Kaczmarek, Haine Elementary School second grade teacher, reported that her students “greatly enjoyed the engineering project and the visit from April, the engineer from MSA. They learned about the job of an engineer and were able to put it into practice by researching and designing an adaption for an animal within their group. It was a great experience for the students.”

Mrs. Megan Witherell, Haine Elementary School second grade teacher, stated that the task was a “perfect lead-in for an upcoming turbine engineering unit in science, as well as an animal study unit in ELA.”

The students and staff of Haine Elementary School would like to thank the MSA engineers who visited their school. They all learned a great deal about engineering through their collaboration.