Career and pathway awareness

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At Central Columbia Middle School, we are determined to help our students take charge of their future. With the support of the high school and community members, our guidance counseling team relentlessly encourages our students to aim high and plan for the next chapter of their educational experience. Through various activities, we encourage all our students to explore the pathways offered at our high school while raising career awareness. Our pathways include Agri-Science Health Science, Business Finance Marketing and Information Technology, Arts and Communication, Engineering Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies, and Human Services. In addition, we offer 339 programs in Agricultural Mechanization, Agricultural Operations and Related Sciences, Engineering, Accounting, Health Sciences, Communications Technology, and Teaching.

Our guidance team focuses on one pathway each month and provides meaningful activities to our students. We invited a restaurant owner/chef from the Blind Pig and pilots from the Bloomsburg Airport to speak to our students. The presentations were a tremendous success, and our students asked many great questions of the presenters. We interviewed a current high school student from our Human Services pathway and broadcast his responses to all students on our very own WJAY news program.

As part of career exploration, students take a career interest survey to discover their occupational skills and interests. The results are then used to guide future discussions with family members and school counselors. Electives are selected based on personal interests. The electives are designed as an exploratory offering aligned to the high school pathways. At the culmination of the middle school experience, students participate in an off-campus job shadow.

Additionally, students are given the opportunity to tour the local vo-tech school and high school to get a firsthand look at the different learning environments available for them to begin their high school journey. All these experiences are designed to prepare our students for a successful future. By having knowledge about different career paths and educational opportunities, our students have the power to make informed decisions and pursue their goals with confidence.