Art Club aims to connect with community

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For seventh-grade student Emma Roos, being a part of Art Club at Bellefonte Area Middle School means bringing out her confidence and being a part of something bigger than herself. After all, one of the missions of the club is to get more involved in the community that benefits a place – and its people – that often gives right back.

“I think our job is to spread art throughout the community,” Emma said. “I want to expand the things I can draw confidently and work with new mediums.”

When art teacher Nicole Tucker was hired at the school seven years ago, she made it her mission to bring that artistic spark back to more students like Emma by creating a club that brings a passion for the arts to students outside the classroom. The club is open to any middle school student interested in furthering their interest and learning more about art beyond just a grade they receive in class.

“The overall (mission) of Art Club is breaking that barrier of just being in the classroom making art, and really going beyond those walls,” Tucker said. “There is so much more to art than being creative. It’s big emphasis is experimenting, taking risks and making connections with the community.”

This year, about 40 students joined the program, and meet twice a month to work on different projects.

This holiday season, Tucker said students participated in an ornament sale held through Bonfatto’s Italian Market and Corner Cafe. Proceeds will go back into a school initiative called Papa Noel, which, through the school’s Chain Reaction Club, helps benefits students and their families in need during the holidays.

“Such a big part of being an artist is getting your work out there in the community, so we incorporate so much into that,” Tucker said. “Bellefonte is going through a renaissance and the arts are coming alive, which is a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.”

Moving forward, the club’s goal is to additionally tap into the “love Bellefonte” movement that promotes the community at the same time as showcasing student artwork.