Tech Ed Club makes donation to tornado victims

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Tech Ed Club students at Meyersdale Area High School, including (from left):Aidan Kalp, Matt Boyce, Collin Krause, Chris Prosser, William Donitzen, Kyle Robertson and Amelia Kretchman; have donated more than $350 in supplies to the relief efforts for tornado victims in Mayfield, Kentucky. Students purchased and collected items to be included in a local shipment to the storm-ravaged community.

Tech Ed Club students at Meyersdale Area High School spend their time and talents building and creating projects. However, they recently completed work on a project designed to build up people!

Following footage and news of the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky, Doug Horne’s students decided to purchase items for the local relief effort underway. “I read a story about Jeremy Hoover, from over at Hoover Conveyor, collecting items for residents of the devastated community of Mayfield, and students wanted to help,” Horne explained. “The seniors approved the idea and the club all voted to bring in items and use $350 from their Club account to buy supplies.”

Horne reached Hoover and he graciously offered to allow the Tech Ed Club’s contribution to be loaded on the tractor trailer Hoover had arranged to transport donations from the region. After discussing items that would be most beneficial, it was decided to purchase usb flashlights that are rechargeable, as well as water, cups, paper towels and cleaning supplies.

Club members, Chaz Kimmel and Noah Kretchman, went “shopping” for the items decided upon and gather donations. The Tech Ed Club also had donations of food items come from their fellow students and staff and faculty. Members delivered their contribution to Hoover and his volunteers on December 15. Matt Boyce said he and his fellow members were thoughtful in the items they purchased, determined to get items that would help affected individuals as they assess damage and begin the process of rebuilding their lives, homes and communities.

“These people lost everything in this horrible disaster and this was our way to help them,” explained Kyle Robertson.

Brady Fritz said it is impossible not to identify with the loss felt by those affected and he is proud to make a contribution and help coordinate this relief effort. “I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were in their shoes and going through this,” added Fritz.

“I am extremely proud of how unselfish my club members have been, and how willing they were to put in the work even outside of school hours. They were all too young to remember when our communities got hit with extreme weather but I can remember how much people struggled to put their lives back together and I tried to convey that to our club members. We all hope that this little bit of help brings them some type of relief,” added Horne.