West York salutes students’ kindness and hard work

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West York Are School District (WYASD) regularly promotes good deeds, cleaning up the environment and helping family. On the district’s website, Superintendent Dr. Todd Davies shares that the district’s purpose ultimately is “to equip West York graduates for more and better opportunities to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive society while also empowering graduates to lead with integrity, empathy, and respect for others.” In response to efforts by the district to encourage character development, students are engaging in activities that show kindness to others and to our world.

To help raise community spirit during the pandemic closure, elementary student Cambria anonymously “sprinkled” close to 100 WYASD residents! “Sprinkling” is when a gift bag with treats and other fun items is left on your doorstep as a surprise. The kind gesture brightened the day for many Bulldogs!

Trimmer Elementary student Parker spent a week at his aunt and uncle’s home (“Aunt Nessa’s Camp”) in Hampton, VA, learning to care for chickens and helping around the “farm” this summer. His duties included feeding the chickens apple chunks for a snack, collecting their eggs, changing their water and adding bedding to their nesting boxes. He even managed to supervise a little free-range time! Kudos to Parker for learning these skills, working hard and doing his best. That’s the Bulldog spirit!