West Scranton high school students raise money for Ukraine

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West Scranton High School students reveal fundraiser total, from left are Chloe Slater, Noah Palauskas, Briana Perea, Tyler Michel, Odalys Camarillo, Narajan Ghaylay, Camilla Sphabmixay, Justin Gockley, and Tori Herne.

Hoping to collect $1,000 for charity, West Scranton High School students recently conducted a fundraiser for the refugees of Ukraine. The West Side Art Club designed blue and yellow T-shirts with Ukraine written in the Cyrillic alphabet, a sunflower with the Ukrainian coat of arms in the center, and the phrase “Scranton Stands with Ukraine.” The club set out to sell 250 shirts, but, with so many people moved to help, witnessing the horrible suffering on the daily news, and with the help of social media, people from as far away as Texas and Arizona ordered the striking-looking shirts. To date, more than 1,500 shirts were sold and close to $9,000 has been donated to the charity, Nova Ukraine!