West Jefferson Hills SD holds first K-5 curriculum showcase

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Parents could choose from 19 different sessions

The West Jefferson Hills School District held its first K-5 Curriculum Showcase earlier this month, with parents and students having the opportunity to learn more about a variety of subjects in 19 different sessions.

The event was held at Jefferson Hills Intermediate School (JHIS), with teachers and administrators from Gill Hall and McClellan Elementary Schools, as well as JHIS, participating.

The evening opened with a Title I overview and was followed by three sessions where parents and students could choose which topics they wanted to learn more about or teachers they wanted to ask questions of. Each WJH educator had a dedicated room for their subject.

Among the sessions available for parents were: an overview of CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts), math, science, writing, technology, music, health and physical education. Some sessions were for K-2 students and others were for students in grades 3-5.

One of the sessions was first grade CKLA Core Components for first grade students, led by Kristin Bellavance. Among the attendees in her room was the Pavlik family.

“We like that the district had this,” stated Jason Pavlik. He and his wife, Dominica, have two daughters, one of whom attends McClellan Elementary and the other is a JHIS student. “It was nice to hear and learn more about Reflex (math),” Dominica said. To have Reflex explained, showing the month-to-month (student) progress and assessment of where their deficiencies are.”

“Having the opportunity to involve our families in this curriculum showcase event was something that our team has been dreaming about and working toward for years,” said Dr. Matthew Patterson, WJH assistant superintendent for elementary education. “It was great to see this idea come to fruition and be well-supported by parents and families. Our teachers and staff enjoyed the chance to highlight the great work that is happening in our elementary schools and provide families with meaningful information on how they can continue to support their child at home. We look forward to gathering feedback and making the next K-5 showcase even more helpful for parents and families.”