Welsh Valley invites veterans into the virtual classroom

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Welsh Valley students enjoy a virtual presentation from a distinguished military veteran.

In pre-pandemic days, Welsh Valley Middle School traditionally would welcome a distinguished group of military veterans into their sixth grade social studies classrooms to speak with students as part of their Veterans Day celebrations in order to raise awareness and give thanks to the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

While the Dragons were unable to host any visitors on campus this year, Welsh Valley moved its Veterans Day programming online as it virtually welcomed a pair of military vets who spoke with students about a variety of service-related topics.

William Mulliken, a BU2 Navy Seabee retired second class petty officer, and Sergeant Daniel Ervin, active Pennsylvania National Guard, former sniper team leader and member of the Honor Guard, joined the Dragons via Zoom as they discussed their reasons for joining the military, experiences on the job and the important life lessons gleaned from their service.

The pair spoke earnestly about the sacrifices they have made in choosing to serve their country, as well as the many challenges faced by loved ones because of their selected line of work. This was a very important aspect of the presentation as it helps to highlight why it is so important for the public to thank and recognize not only service men and women, but the families who support them – and not on just on Veterans Day, but every day.

As part of their Veterans Day activities, students also made phone calls to veterans, which included grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and even a former Welsh Valley and Harriton grad currently serving our country, to thank them for all they do for America.

Mulliken and Ervin will join the Dragons later this Spring for a Memorial Day presentation that focuses on honoring men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and died while serving our country. During the presentation, Mulliken and Ervin will perform the solemn folding of the flag ceremony and explain what each of the 13 respective folds represent.