Virtual Field trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show

Bald Eagle Area School District  |  Posted on

a student works on the culminating activity of building her farm.

Since COVID-19 has made it hard for the students in Ms. Morgan’s first grade at Port Matilda Elementary to go on a traditional field trip. Morgan provided them the opportunity for a virtual field trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show for the week of January 11. On Monday, they started off with a “Color Explosion” as they made a milk rainbow using food coloring, dish soap and whole milk. Morgan’s class also watched a calf being born courtesy of the Farm Show’s “The Calving Corner” YouTube channel. On Wednesday, they had the opportunity to observe butter being made and then made their own butter using heavy cream. They really enjoyed tasting the butter they made in class. The virtual field trip culminated on Friday with the students being engineers as they created their own farm using recycled materials. Students had to choose what animals, plants, machines and buildings would be a part of their farm. The students enjoyed the virtual field trip and learned a little about farming in Pennsylvania.