Upper Perkiomen High School Gratitude Project

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In the Upper Perkiomen High School Upper Level X-Lab course, students participated in a heartwarming initiative called the “Gratitude Project,” an initiative designed to foster appreciation between students and their teachers. Each student secretly selected a teacher they deeply appreciated and created a simple design that expressed their gratitude for them.

The surprise element added excitement, and the resulting expressions of joy from both teachers and students were heartening. From handwritten notes to small tokens, these gestures were a testament to the power of appreciation.

The Gratitude Project was more than just an assignment; it instilled a sense of respect, compassion and gratitude within the class. It showed that small acts of kindness can create profound connections and bring smiles to all involved. This project became a transformative and cherished part of the students’ educational journey.

To see more student work and to read how and why they designed their projects, visit the Upper Perkiomen School District website.