Team triumphs

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SV Academic Decathlon Team

The Seneca Valley Academic Decathlon Team placed first among 10 other local schools at their recent competition at Moniteau High School.

The following students medaled in the events below:

Shivani Umesh (Gold), Ophelia Crano (Silver), Roshini Umesh (Bronze), Kaia Satory (Gold), Parker Spence (Silver), Heath Lyon (Bronze), Leah Paxton (Bronze), Julia Acker (Gold), Zachary DeVault (Silver) and Arvand Esni (Bronze)

Ophelia Crano (Gold), Kaia Satory (Gold), Heath Lyon (Silver), Rohin Jayaraman (Bronze), Ashley Kemp (Gold), Zachary DeVault (Silver) and Gavin Cress (Bronze)

Ophelia Crano (Silver), Kaia Satory (Gold), Rohin Jayaraman (Silver), Ashley Kemp (Gold), Zachary DeVault (Silver) and Gavin Cress (Bronze)

Social Science:
Ophelia Crano (Silver), Rohin Jayaraman (Gold), Leah Paxton (Silver), Kaia Satory (Bronze), Ashley Kemp (Gold), Zachary DeVault (Silver) and Sarah Ghaffar (Bronze)

Gavin Cress (Silver)

Overall medalists, which are the top nine students in the entire competition, include: Gavin Cress (Bronze), Ashley Kemp (Silver), Zachary DeVault (Gold), Rohin Jayaraman (Silver) and Kaia Satory (Gold)

“The team consists of an exceptional group of students who embody hard work, intelligence, and focus – their dedication to understanding the material is truly commendable,” said Seneca Valley Senior High School teacher and Academic Decathlon coach David Reichard. “Our practices are a blend of fun and learning, where we use Kahoots, games, presentations and various activities to bring the curriculum to life. It’s exciting to see the team dive into topics like the history of computers, neuroscience and music from science fiction films. Watching their growth and enthusiasm is a constant source of joy. I am eagerly looking forward to what the rest of the season will bring for this fantastic team!”