Students start up sweet business model

Colonial School District  |  Posted on

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School students in Mary Rems’ Life Skills Job Training class have continued their business of Traveling Treats, which is making the school day a bit sweeter for faculty and staff.

Using a cart that they bring around the school, the students are selling light snacks and drinks along with their new business venture, “Treat Boxes.” Treat boxes are chocolates and candy in small, decorated boxes for the faculty and staff. The Traveling Treats cart will be available all year long and what’s being delivered will change depending on the season. For now, the theme is related to autumn.

By participating in this entrepreneurial activity, students are learning practical skills such as how to take inventory, how to shop for supplies, how to sell, and how to make a profit on what they sell. Students also learn the ins and outs of production by cutting, assembling, filling, and decorating the boxes.

Cecelia Schmidt has been in charge of making the boxes attractive by either using stamps or drawing her own designs. “I just think it up in my mind,” she said. “I like drawing animals. They are my favorite.”

In addition to allowing her to express her creativity, being a part of the Traveling Treats sales team has helped her to understand a bit more about marketing and business in general. “I am learning that everyone loves candy and I am learning how to sell it to people,” she said.