Students raise funds for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

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(L-R): Alisa Yeremenko, Annika Kyyashko, Daniela Tyrpak and Walter Killey spearheaded a schoolwide fundraiser, March 10-11, as a way to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The namesake of Ryan Gloyer Middle School (RGMS) would be immensely proud of four RGMS students who recently united to help a greater cause. A group of Ukrainian-descent students, including Walter Killey, Annika Kyyashko, Daniela Tyrpak and Alisa Yeremenko, spearheaded a school-wide fundraiser, March 10-11, as a way to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

These four change-makers, with the help of their fellow classmates, spent their free time handcrafting sunflower pins and blue and yellow bracelets by hand, which they sold for $1 during lunches. All proceeds were donated to UNICEF’s efforts to help children in the Ukraine.

“We are proud to say that this has been a student driven effort including the vetting of charities and careful selection of UNICEF whose dedication to helping children appealed to our students,” stated RGMS Principal Tony Babusci. “It’s also important to note: There is a natural connection between this effort and the namesake of the building, Ryan Gloyer. Ryan served as a Green Beret (Army Special Forces) and died courageously in battle while fulfilling the Green Beret motto of ‘De Oppresso Liber,’ which translates from Latin to ‘To Free the Oppressed.’ For this reason, students will be donating in memory of Sergeant First Class Ryan Gloyer.”

Over the two-day event, RGMS raised over $5,200!