Students participate in ‘Shreducation’ program

Palmerton Area School District  |  Posted on

Blue Mountain Resort instructors assist students in the Shreducation program.

The Palmerton Area Junior High School (PAJHS) partnered with Blue Mountain Resort to provide an opportunity for the school’s eighth grade students to participate in Blue Mountain’s “Shreducation” program. This program has three different components: Stage 1 includes a visit to Blue Mountain Resort where the students learn how to safely ride the chair lifts and get fitted for boots, skis and snowboards. In Stage 2, Blue Mountain Resort instructors visited the PAJHS to work with students on different skiing and snowboarding techniques and skills. Stage 3 includes a visit to Blue Mountain Resort where the students can put together what they have learned. This is where the students can ride the chairlifts and ski or snowboard down the hills of Blue Mountain.

“We are fortunate to have such a wonderful business located so close to our school. The Blue Mountain Resort instructors truly want to help our students learn the necessary skills to safely participate in these fun winter activities. I appreciate the opportunity that this partnership provides for our students,” said Mr. Rich DeSocio, PAJHS’s principal.