Students learn how to be energy “changemakers”

Meyersdale Area School District  |  Posted on

MAES students recently enjoyed a presentation outlining how they can help reduce energy consumption.

Fourth and fifth grade students were recently challenged to become changemakers in their homes and help reduce the amount of energy they use by utilizing more efficient habits through a program called Think Energy! This program was presented by the National Energy Foundation, partnering with First Energy.

Think Energy! presenters travel throughout the commonwealth, sharing with students ways to think about and talk about how to take action to save energy and save money.

Students were encouraged to be “energy changemakers” and take the “changemaker challenge” by sharing their knowledge of energy with their families.

Students learned about where electricity comes from and its impact on natural resources, both renewable and nonrenewable. More than half of Pennsylvania’s electricity is produced by using natural gas. Nearly all of Pennsylvania’s electricity, 96%, comes from nonrenewable resources.

After a review of the many ways energy can be conserved, students learned they would each receive an Energy Education Kit that includes LED light bulbs, motion activated night lights, a furnace filter whistle and outlet gaskets – enough materials to be a true “changemaker!”

The program concluded with fun demonstrations and skills challenges designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of being an “energy changemaker.”

The Think Energy! presentation was organized by Mrs. Kim Berkley and highlighted the information students have learned in their science classes.