Students commemorate 243rd anniversary of the Battle of Crooked Billet

Hatboro-Horsham School District  |  Posted on

Elementary students celebrated the annual Crooked Billet Day ceremony on April 30.

Crooked Billet Elementary School students donned their annual bonnets and tri-cornered hats in honor of the Revolutionary War heroes who fought for freedom on the school grounds 243 years ago, on May 1, 1778. The annual Crooked Billet Day ceremony, held April 30, celebrates the patriotic spirit that binds Americans and honors the fallen soldiers throughout U.S. history.

The outdoor ceremony opened with students dressed in Colonial Era garb raising the American flag and laying a tribute wreath at the monument, which is on school grounds. During the ceremony, fifth grade students provided the background of the Battle of Crooked Billet. The program concluded with fifth graders taking the floor and dancing a socially distanced colonial line dance.