STEM initiative ignites excitement in Palmerton

Palmerton Area School District  |  Posted on

Eighth graders at Palmerton Area Junior High School work on a STEM activity in their maker-space room.

Eighth grade students at Palmerton Area Junior High School are enjoying an exciting new opportunity in their school. Mrs. Nellianne Parr, secondary librarian, has been working with our eighth graders on a newly created STEM initiative. The school’s maker-space room provides a wonderful space for students to enjoy many hands-on projects designed to develop and explore critical skills for today’s ever-evolving world. This includes skills such as problem solving, analysis, research, design and collaboration with a team. Students are currently working on building model rollercoasters.

Mr. Rich DeSocio, PAJH principal, stated, “It is amazing to see how engaged our students are. I look forward to growing and expanding this initiative in future years.”