Smiles behind the masks

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Making buttons to help students feel comfortable by showing them what their teachers look like behind their masks!

As the students of Haverford Middle School begin to re-enter the building for in-person learning, five incredible seventh- and eighth-grade students in the Autistic Support classroom along with the staff endeavor to do something special to help remind all of the students that teachers and staff are smiling behind the mask.

Enter the HMS Button Project! Each staff member shared a photo of themselves smiling. Students in the Autistic Support classroom then took the photos and handmade buttons for each staff member. Staff are encouraged to wear the buttons each day.

At Haverford Middle School the faculty’s main goal is for students to feel welcome, comfortable and free to learn. The school places great pride in having cheerful staff that builds positive student relationships. Given these challenging times and the changes taking place, district educators hope the buttons bring students comfort in seeing the smiling faces of the teachers and staff.

So far, the students in the Autistic Support classroom have made 81 buttons!