Santa letters and holiday wish lists help critically ill children

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Plymouth Elementary School students Brynn Tenthoff and Riley Stocchi dropping off their holiday wishes.

Plymouth Elementary School (PE) students’ holiday wish lists and letters to Santa will help make wishes come true for children with critical illnesses — through the work of the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PW) Make-A-Wish Club.

“I got a chance to look at some of the letters written by the students. A lot of them asked Santa for good health for others and for coronavirus to end so others can get better,” said Lizzie Felgoise, president of the PW Make-A-Wish Club, who led the project. “This really touched my heart and showed me how generous and kind people can be.”

Through the Believe campaign, Macy’s donated $2 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for every letter or list. With the help of the Plymouth Elementary students, the PW Make-A-Wish Club collected 167 letters, before cutting the campaign short with the county-wide shutdown surrounding Thanksgiving.

As a Make-A-Wish recipient herself, Lizzie founded the PW Make-A-Wish Club with her older brother last year. While at a routine cardiology appointment for a heart condition in 2017, she found out that she would need emergency surgery. This was when she also discovered that she was eligible for Make-A-Wish and requested to meet one-armed surfer, Bethany Hamilton.

“Instead of focusing on the pain and struggle I was about to endure, I focused on how magical my wish was going to be; but it was better than I could have ever hoped. When I was out of surgery, I immediately wanted to start preparing for my wish. I told my physical therapist that when I got to Hawaii, I wanted to push up on the board and surf a wave with Bethany,” said Lizzie. “My wish pushed me to want to get better, and I want to help other kids in our area have the same incredible experience.”