Ridley Middle School artwork takes flight at Philadelphia Airport’s Youth Art Gallery

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RMS Philly Airport Art Exhibit

In a celebration of young talent and creativity, Ridley Middle School’s vibrant artwork has found a new home in the Youth Art Gallery at Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal A- east baggage claim. The collaboration between Ridley School District and the airport aims to showcase the artistic prowess of local students and bring a touch of inspiration to travelers passing through.

Students in the sixth grade at Ridley participate in a group drawing class where they examine well-known portraits from art history. Each student worked on a different portion of the same portrait, which is composed of 35 individual tile drawings that are arranged in a 5 by 7 grid. The students assembled at a single table at the conclusion of the workshop, where they arranged the numbered coordinate drawings to display the finished images that resulted from their collaborative efforts.

Passengers arriving at Terminal A-east will now be greeted by an array of collaborative portraits. The Youth Art Gallery not only transforms the baggage claim area into a vibrant and dynamic space but also provides young artists with a platform to share their talents with a global audience.

Ridley Middle School’s art program nurtures creativity and encourages students to express themselves through visual arts. The collaboration with Philadelphia International Airport not only showcases the school’s dedication to fostering artistic talent but also strengthens the connection between the local community and one of the region’s major transportation hubs.

The Youth Art Gallery at Philadelphia International Airport serves as a testament to the power of art in uplifting communities and creating connections. As travelers retrieve their luggage, they are welcomed not just by their belongings but also by the inspiring voices of Ridley Middle School’s budding artists, echoing the importance of nurturing creativity and fostering a sense of community through shared expressions of imagination.