Richland implements trauma-informed program

Richland School District  |  Posted on

Richland School District is taking measures to ensure that students who have experienced trauma will find needed supports in the school environment. The district implemented a nationwide program in February called Handle With Care. As part of the program, when local police officers are aware that a school-aged child experienced a traumatic event, the officers file a report with the name of the child and the type of incident that occurred, and send it to that child’s school. This allows school staff to be prepared to handle that child in a way that is sensitive to his or her unique needs. Since its inception, more than 70 referrals have come in through the program.

In an WJAC article, Richland Superintendent Arnold Nadonley said, “One case is too many when kids are traumatized and not able to come to school and learn. So, anything we can do to help enhance their support here, we’re going to do that.”