Real Deal 2024

Meyersdale Area School District  |  Posted on

Students at MAHS recently completed an activity called “The Real Deal” on March 5 to help them prepare for their futures.

It has been said that “adulting” can be difficult. On March 5, seventh and eleventh grade students at Meyersdale Area School District learned first-hand the difficulties adults face as they navigate life, and the many financial responsibilities and decisions they face once they graduate high school and embark on their own “adulting” adventures.

Students spent time throughout the day participating in what is called “Real Deal” activities. These activities are coordinated with local professionals in booths covering the following topics: finance; housing; automotive; insurance; life’s unexpected occurrences; necessities; Cash Cab, where they answer financial literacy questions correctly to earn more money; comfort items, such as electronics, pets, vacations and activities; and continuing education.

Each student was given a credit score based on their GPA and a monthly salary based on their future plans or current academic program. They were then tasked with visiting the aforementioned booths and securing housing, an automobile and insurance.

“The Real Deal activity gives students the opportunity to make financial decisions based on a monthly salary that matches their future career goals and current academic program. Students are given ‘credit ratings’ which are based on their current GPA. Through this activity they work with community agencies such as Somerset Trust, Allegany College of Maryland, Erie Insurance Group and Wendy Kelly Realty to make realistic decisions on housing, education, insurance and financing, based on current market prices,” Cassie Arnold, a counselor at Meyersdale Area High School, explained.

Arnold said these stations provide students with an opportunity to ask questions of professionals and consider the many obligations and responsibilities they will soon face.

“It’s my hope that this activity will open their eyes to the importance of setting goals, continuing their education/training beyond high school and that it will provide them the opportunity to start thinking about life after high school.”