PO Cares Closet meets student needs

Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District  |  Posted on

Pictured in the photo from left to right: Justin Hazelton, high school principal, Mel Curtis, YMCA of Centre County Anti-Hunger, Elaine Selfridge and Shasta Long, high school teachers and program developers, and Brian Wood, Anti-Hunger Program volunteer.

The Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School has partnered with the YMCA of Centre County Anti-Hunger Program, on “The PO Cares Closet.” The program was started at the high school to help any student in need of food, clothing and hygiene products. The cause of the student need varies and can be anything from poverty, home loss, homelessness, parental illness, job loss, etc. Students need to complete a form and submit either online or in a discrete drop box, When the form is received, arrangements are made with the student to go to the closet and collect supplies. Students also have the opportunity to use the shower facilities if in need.

The YMCA of Centre County Anti-Hunger Program also conducts the district’s summer food program and worked with the district to implement food service during the pandemic. To learn more, click here to watch an interview with Dr. Gregg Paladina, superintendent at Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District, about the district’s program.