Passion for art goes beyond just class assignments

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When it comes to making art, sometimes it involves blood, sweat and tears. It’s because the artwork of students is often more than just a class assignment.

For junior Emma Wichert who is part of teacher Heather Fry’s Art 3 class, she created a graphite drawing that she described as “scary” with a textural aspect from a closeup of her mouth. It was inspired after learning about gothic literature.

“This is how I perceived that and included an element of emotion by adding a lot of contrast,” Wichert said. “I put a lot of tears into it. Art is one of the things that captures that emotion, but twists it in a way you can’t really describe in words, which is the best part about it – you use your eyes to express emotions visually.”

Classmates Hannah Bryan and Jenna Pettina, both seniors, were also part of the project that encouraged students to get “up close and personal” with a graphite drawing that one might not necessarily want to see artwork of, but create a type of beauty from it.

Pettina’s drawing outlines details of a photo that also captures her mouth and allows a plethora of unique details accentuated in the work. Bryan said she brought a personal aspect into her piece that highlights her hands and a ring she purchased in a pack with her sisters.

“I did it because I always mess with my rings and it’s a habit, and it connects back to them,” she said.

Fry’s Art 3 students are now working on a new assigned with reduction print.