Palisades addresses youth mental health

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Earlier this fall, Palisades School District hosted an event entitled, “Join the Discussion-Youth Mental Health and Palisades.” We invited a panel of presenters from local organizations with whom we have a professional relationship as an educational partner in our community. The panelists included: Melissa Groden (Council of Southeast PA), Beth Hall (Lakeside Global Institute), Kristi Hoover (Deputy District Attorney, Bucks County), Katie Lloyd (LPC Palisades SD), Chief McDonald (Springfield Township), Dave Stiansen (Haycock Ministries) and Dr. Bridget O’Connell (Superintendent).

Questions were submitted by our community, in addition to general questions, which were directed to our panelists and moderated by Dr. Michael Donnelly, assistant to the superintendent for education at Palisades. As promoters of positive mental health in their day-to-day work, several “themes” became evident from this important discussion. These ideas can help to frame what each one of us can do to help improve mental health in our community.

Here are seven things that we can all do to help the youth in our community:
1. Eliminate the stigma associated with mental health.
2. Encourage engagement and belonging.
3. Teach how to self-regulate.
4. Remain active and exercise regularly.
5. Be proactive – Use and advocate for resources in our community.
6. If you see something … say something: Using Safe to Say.
7. Strive for five: It is beneficial for our youth to have at least five adults in their lives who can mentor, advise, and provide friendship and support.

The Palisades School District is a caring community, and we all work together, supporting each other and making this a great place to live and work. As a school district, we look forward to providing more information this year about mental health resources in our community. Later this school year, we will be holding a Community Resource Fair to introduce those services and representatives to our community, including those organizations in which our students and adults alike, can become involved.