Oley Valley Elementary School “No Place for Hate” project

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Oley Valley students created a collection with their favorite recipes to share.

To celebrate diversity in the Oley Valley, elementary school students participated in a read aloud activity during L:EAP. The book that students focused on is entitled, Fry Bread A Native American Story, which was read by the author, Kevin Noble Maillard. The author shares with the reader how and why the recipe, Fry Bread, is very special to his family. The author also shares that Fry Bread is a recipe made all around the world, with a new twist around every corner of our globe! Students participated in this No Place For Hate reading lesson in order to celebrate diversity in children’s literature, before having the opportunity to share their own recipe online. Many students took time after the lesson to share a recipe that is special to them, with their Oley Valley Elementary School family. Upon receiving many submissions, all of them were put together into a website that is accessible to all of our Oley Valley families. Please take time to check out our website filled with wonderful student recipes and photographs! Hopefully you have some time to try out one of these delicious recipes from our student body!